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July 24, 2016 / / Family
July 21, 2016 / / Photography

Jonas and Chatrine have been going to Gotland for a few weeks every summer for the past four years. This year Erik, Åsa, Gustav, Victor and I were invited to join them. Here are my favourite…

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July 17, 2016 / / Family
July 9, 2016 / / Photography

This past Thursday I did a photoshoot with Anna Rothman in and around Hagaparken and Bellevuparken here in Stockholm. We had great luck with the weather, the sun was shining and the sky was blue…

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July 8, 2016 / / Photography

In German “Fahrt ins Blaue” (Travel into the Blue) means to make an excursion to an unknown or previously undefined place. This was pretty much what we did for this photoshoot. We headed out towards Ullnasjön with…

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July 6, 2016 / / Family

In Sweden we take our Midsummer celebrations seriously. This year I travelled down to Småland to spend Midsummer with my brother Jonathan and his family. I took the train after work on Thursday evening, and…

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July 4, 2016 / / Cambridge

I met up with the cast of The Madwomen in the Attic that performed in March and are now going to Edinburgh in August. “I’m just the crazy, unreliable narrator of my own story.” Haworth…

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July 2, 2016 / / Cambridge

Floss is a new Cambridge Footlights sketch show by Eleanor Colville, Orlando Gibbs and Dillon Mapletoft that is going to Edinburgh now in August. We met up to do a poster photoshoot at Trinity College. Here…

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July 1, 2016 / / Cambridge

The day after doing the Dancing in the Rain, we went out to do another dance photoshoot. This time taking advantage of the sun and the blue skies. Our plan was to bike out to Grantchester,…

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June 29, 2016 / / Cambridge

Lucy McMahon, Rafael San Martin, Annie Magee, Isabel Estevez and Jonathan Franklin joined me for a photoshoot at Stourbridge Common located just north east of the centre of Cambridge. Our plan was to do some…

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