Chocolate and Water

Maybe you can live on just bread and water, but here in Cambridge we prefer chocolate and water. Or probably chocolate and wine, but wine gets so messy if you spray it indoors, so we settled for water. These photos are from the same photoshoot with Kaiti as the “Then and Now” blog post. We decided to split it into two separate posts since they were themed differently.

Kaiti eating chocolate
Kaiti had a photo of her eating ice cream in a red dress as a kid, and our original idea was to recreate that photo. Unfortunately there was no ice cream nearby, so we went with chocolate instead.
The vertical blinds provided some interesting light patterns that we played with. There would have been more photos with these, but the sun decided to hide behind some big clouds as we were getting started.
I like the subtle light patterns on her face in this profile photo. Maybe we could have used a mirror to reflect some light onto the earrings also.
I brought along a water spray bottle that we experimented with. This is a composite shot, since we could only do one of the wings at a time.
Doing a bit of fairy magic.
Angel wings. This took a lot of spraying, and I used water mist from many different photos. In the end I used liquify to shape the wings slightly.
We ended with a few photos in the Homerton Orchard. This is a video clip that we turned into a cinemagraph.
One last photo.

Many thanks to Kaiti for a great photo session. If you want to see the first half of it, then check out the Then and Now post. There is also a Disney Themed photoshoot.

– Johannes

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