Imaginary Friends

Elin Brodin and I met up for a photoshoot in Stockholm after her recent trip to Spain. We had originally planned on doing the shoot outdoors in the sun, but a few days before the shoot the weather forecast told us it would rain, so we changed our plan to an indoor photoshoot.

Elin looking out through the window at the street below.
The room had some nice curtains which was great to shoot through to create some layers.
Elin playing around with the curtain.
Sitting by the window. We experimented with various poses for this shot.
We moved the bed closer to the window. The closer you are to the curtains, the bigger the light source, which means softer light and shadows on the skin.
We mixed it up by doing a few shots into the room also.

Many thanks to Elin for a fun evening photoshoot!

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