The Master and Margarita

The Master and Margarita was playing at the ADC Theatre last week. I met up with the cast hours before their final show to take some photos of their play. On camdram you can read:

“What would the good do if evil did not exist? And what would the earth look like if shadows disappeared from it?” The Devil arrives in Stalinist Moscow. Pontius Pilate argues with Christ over the nature of human worth. And a woman goes to hell and back to save her lover.
This adaptation of Bulgakov’s violent, poetic and sprawling masterpiece stays true to the heart of the original: part diabolical satire, exposing the hypocrisy, greed and corruption of Moscow’s citizens, and part heart-rending love story, engaging with our most basic human instincts.

Here are the photos:

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Reviews: The Cambridge Student (7/10)

The Master – Jack Needham
Margarita – Eleanor Mack
Ivan – Joe Pitts
Woland / Afranius – Ben Walsh
Behemoth – Katurah Morrish
Azazello / Ratslayer – Hannah Sands
Hella – Rose Reade
Natasha – Alice Carlill
Pontius Pilate / Stravinsky – Sophia Flohr
Fagott Koroviev – Declan Amphlett
Frieda/Nurse – Emma Corrin
Pagoda – Sam Groom
Glumov / Archibaldikova – Posey Mehta
Trepan Trepanovich – Abigail Smith
Aloysius / Secretary / Ariman – Ian Johnston
Berlioz / Kaifa – James Hancock-Evans
Rimsky – Quintin Langley-Coleman
Andrei – Zoe Barnes
Ensemble – Kateryna Pavlyuk, Hannah Moss, Sarah Creedy Smith

Production Team
Director – Sarah Stacey
Producer – Chloe Slattery
Assistant Producer – Lucy Moss
Assistant Director – Nicholas Hulbert
Deputy Stage Manager – Louisa Dales
Stage Manager – Cat Watts
Technical Director – Eleanor Brug
Composer / Sound Designer – Mae McAllister
Publicity Designer – Hannah Taylor
Assistant Stage Manager – Angharad Chandler
Magic Consultant – James Ireland
Creative Consultant (Magician) – Oli Wallen
Costume Designer – Matilda Wickham, Maddy Airlie
Lighting Designer – Jon French
Mask Designer – Matilda Ettedgui
Production Photographer – Amelia Oakley
Choreographer – Lucy Moss
Assistant Stage Manager – Oscar Yang
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth

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