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Kaiti Soultana and I met up a few days ago to do a photoshoot. The idea was to take old photos of little Kaiti, and then take new photos that we photoshoped into those. A bit of virtual time travelling. We spent some five or six hours in a small room first looking at the photos, deciding where to put Kaiti, then figuring out how she would be lit, before setting up the flashes and taking the photo to use for the composite. Here are the results.

Here there was a nice empty space to the left, so we decided to put Kaiti there and make her be part of the kids’ reaction.
This is perhaps the one that worked the best. Little Kaiti is sitting at a table drawing with coloured pens, with big Kaiti standing behind her. Big Kaiti blends in nicely in the scene. Here as in the other photos I blurred big Kaiti and adjusted colours and contrast to match her into the environment.
Here we replaced Kaiti’s sister with big Kaiti, the little pink bear that Kaiti had with her for our photoshoot is a nice touch.
This one was tricky to do. With the 50 mm lens I could not fit all of big Kaiti into the frame, hence why she is pulling up her legs.
The chair to the right was empty, making this a perfect photo for this project.
Here a space to the right. It is almost as if these photos were taken so that we could put big Kaiti in the photos almost two decades later.

One thing we realised was that it is important to pay attention to the space the person gets placed into. In one of the photos where we planned on replacing Kaiti’s sister on a chair behind little Kaiti with Kaiti (that sentence got obfuscated). What happened was that big Kaiti’s legs did not fit behind little Kaiti. Long story short, if we had made sure Kaiti’s legs were angled the other way it would have worked.

Many thanks to Kaiti for a fun photo shoot! If you want to see more photos, check out the second part of our photo shoot Chocolate and Water and our Disney themed photoshoot from back in May.

– Johannes


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