An evening in Ulriksdal

Ulriksdals slott was built 1643-1645 by architect Hans Jacob Kristler, and became a royal palace when Queen Hedvig Eleonora bought it in 1669. The palace has a beautiful garden. Yesterday I met up with Louise Hebrant, Kristina Arnqvist, Madeleine Hjerpe and Vera Tolstoy to do a dance photoshoot in the palace gardens.

We met up at 16:00, at this time of year in Stockholm the sun is already relatively low on the horisont. Here Kristina Arnqvist strikes a pose.
I shot Madeleine Hjerpe from a low angle to make it look like she was reaching for the sun.
Here we wanted to play with the long shadows, so Louise Hebrant moved out onto the grass field.
Kristina Arnqvist does a jump, also shot from a low angle to include the sun.
There were a set of old trees standing there waiting for us in the middle of the lawn. Kristina Arnqvist climbed up on one of them, and I picked an angle to have her silhouetted against the sky.
Kristina Arnqvist and Vera Tolstoy. We also wanted a photo that included the palace itself, so we headed to the fountain.
Of course you can not go to a fountain and not get into the water. Here Kristina Arnqvist does an arabesque in the middle of the pool. The photo is shot at a low angle close to the water surface to get as much of her reflection in the shot.
It did not take long until the fountain was becoming quite crowded. Vera Tolstoy, Louise Hebrant and Kristina Arnqvist.
Vera Tolstoy and Louise Hebrant. There were two bridal couples with their entourage walking around taking photos. Inspired by that we did our own version of the cute photos.
Vera Tolstoy and Louise Hebrant
Madeleine Hjerpe
Louise Hebrant and Vera Tolstoy wanted to showcase their matching jackets.
Kristina Arnqvist
Kristina Arnqvist. The sun had set, but there was still a little bit of light left to do some final silhouette photos.

It was a long time since I had been at Ulriksdal. I remember going there several times as a kid. The statues of the boars next to the fountain that I remember as being many meters tall, where in fact quite small. Funny how your perspective changes of the world with age.

It was a great fun evening, many thanks to Louise, Kristina, Madeleine and Vera!

– Johannes

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