Flection Reflection

Sharla Petterson and Kiera Adams joined me for a photoshoot in Cambridge. We wandered around looking for places with good light, and ended up finding some interesting places. We found reflections in both windows and water surfaces. As we were playing around by the Cam a family of swans graced us with their presence.

Sharla Petterson outside the Mitre.
Sharla Petterson. We wanted to use the window to get some interesting reflections, and after some experimentation this was what we came up with.
Kiera Adams
There was a white wall where the sun cast a hard shadow, so we wanted to see if we could give Sharla some shadow arms.
Sharla Petterson. The swan family cruising by.
Kiera Adams in the sunlight. A curious swan came back to check what we were doing.
Sharla Petterson

Random fun gymnastics quote I found while looking for a good blog post name:

“Seven days without gymnastics makes one weak.”

Sharla Petterson. Some unintended serious core workout when the photographer takes his time to get the angle right.
Sharla Petterson
Sharla Petterson channeling her inner tree.
Sharla Petterson. Final photo for the day before it was time to head off.

Many thanks to Sharla and Kiera for a fun photoshoot!


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