Naomi on pointe

Naomi Stewart and I met up for a ballet photo session after lunch yesterday. We started by wandering around Christ College, and ended up photographing a series of backlit photos from her college room. We then moved into Cambridge, passing by Corpus Playroom before finally ending up at King’s College. Here is a selection of my favourite photos.

Naomi Grace in red dress and ballet shoes sitting on windowsill at Christ's College, Cambridge.
Naomi gracefully perched in the window.
Naomi on pointe by the window reading a book.
This is how a ballerina studies in Cambridge.
Closeup of ballet hands.
I am experimenting a bit with close-ups.
Arabesque in the window on pointe.
On pointe in the window. Naomi has really good balance. Here we were trying to synchronise the releasing of the dress with the shutter to freeze a moment in time.
Naomi on point sitting reading a book in the window.
Reading one of her favourite books — on pointe. Only in Cambridge?


Naomi Grace doing an arabesque in the parking lot at Christ's College, with a big circular window framing her.
There was a car park on the Christ grounds which had an interesting shaped window. So we snuck inside to take this photo.
Naomi Grace on pointe outside Corpus Playroom.
This is one of my favourite photos from the day. I like the framing and how Naomi’s pose matches the alley behind her.
Naomi Grace on pointe in King's College Chapel.
After double checking that we could photograph (without flash) in the chapel we did this. Oli and friends in the background.
Naomi Grace in a red dress dancing in King's College Chapel.
Another one of my favourite photos from the day. We had to wait for the aisle to clear of tourists.
Naomi Grace arabesque in King's College Chapel.
I wish we had done a few more of these arabesques. Naomi’s execution was flawless, but I missed focus on it.


Naomi Grace outside King's College Chapel.
We ended with a few poses outside the chapel. The red dress was a perfect choice for this photo session.
Johannes Hjorth and Naomi Grace
Two Australian tourists were photographing, so I asked them if they wanted a group photo. In return they took this one of us. There is also a behind-the-scenes action shot that Linda Wang sent me later.

Naomi and friend on King's College bridge

It was a very fun photo shoot, and I especially enjoyed the ballet photos in the chapel with the beautiful stained glass windows and arches. A big thank you to Naomi for joining me!

You can find more blog posts with ballet photos here.

– Johannes

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