I started this photo blog in 2014 while I was a postdoc at the University of Cambridge. Before then I would occasionally take out my camera and photograph, but with the blog I started to more actively search for things to photograph. That was how I discovered the theatre community in Cambridge and then later also the dance and gymnastics communities. People have always been the main subjects in my photographs, and it is really fun to photograph with actors and dancers that love being in front of the camera.

In June 2015 I moved back to Stockholm after six years abroad. I currently work as a scientist on the¬†Human Brain Project which aims to create a computer model of the human brain. In particular we are looking at the Basal Ganglia. Investigating the effects of Parkinson’s disease on the striatal network structure and function. Photography is my big hobby, and I am always looking for new people to collaborate with, both in Stockholm and abroad. I enjoy travelling and photographing in new locations, as it makes your world grow a bit bigger. If you are interested in doing a collaborative photoshoot send me a message either here, on Instagram or on Facebook.

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Have a look around and thank you for visiting my blog!

Johannes Hjorth

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