Using Photos

If you like one of the photos and want to use it, then please have a quick read below.

If you want to use a photo I took of you as a profile picture on a webpage like Facebook, LinkedIn etc then feel free to use it, but please credit the photo with something like “Photo: Johannes Hjorth“. If possible please also link to this blog’s front page or the specific blog post.¬†For photos posted on Instagram please link to my Instagram account¬†@johanneshjorth.

For fine-art prints, contact me using the form below.

If you want to use a photo for some non-commercial purpose, please contact me. Odds are it will be fine as long as you add a photo credit. Please send me a link to the webpage or a pdf from the print of the final product as it is fun to see where the photos end up.

For commercial purposes, please contact me.

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