Autumn Builders

This weekend me and my uncle Christer drove down to my brother Jonathan in Småland. They have been extending their house with a new section, and the outer shell had been done for some time, but the inner bits still needed some work. While we were there Kent, a friend of my brother’s, also showed up to help. Me and my uncle were pretty fast, or well, we thought we were working pretty fast as a team, until we went and looked into the neighbouring room where Kent who is a professional carpenter was working. He basically machine gunned the OSB and plaster boards to the wall.

Jonathan, Christer and I went out with Ragnhild and Castor for a walk after we arrived.
Ragnhild was in heat, and Castor was really really into her.
Elinore balancing on the railing before making a volt onto the trampoline.
Elinore in her secret little spot.
Olivia playing with her hobby horse in the field.
Olivia and Elinore jumping with their hobby horses.
We managed to do some dance photos in Småland. Elinore is now taking weekly dance classes.
Maja and Olivia
Maja and Olivia

It is always fun to visit my brother and his family in Småland. This time we did a lot of construction work in their house, so I only took a few photos.

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