Building a Home

My brother Jonathan has always been very industrious, coming up with new ideas and turning them into reality. He and his family have been living in a small house with their own stable. It is a very cosy little home, but it is a bit too small for them, so earlier this year they started planning to expand the building. When I arrived this week the exterior of the new part of the house was already sealed, and they were working on the floor and wall indoors.

Jonathan watering the strawberry plants. We later learned that to get a good production of berries the plants should be spaced a bit better to allow for more sun, and for new saplings to grow.
Horse reunion. The pony Amy has been away from the herd for three weeks and is now getting chased around the enclosure by the other two horses Trula and Gini (not shown).
Day Two. Jonathan and I drove away to IKEA to pick up the pieces for a new kitchen, but on the way we did a quick stop to take this photo.
Evelina has her horse Gini boarded in Jonathan and Sandra’s stable. Here she is showing off her tricks.
Amanda and the middle one playing with making a horror movie trailer.
The little one asked for a photo in the tree. After a bit of help she climbed up and perched on a branch.
Overlooking the construction work.
Time for a food break. The orchestra is out in force.
Me and my niece.
She was singing on Vaiana’s theme music. Last time I visited we made a music video with it.
Construction scaffolding is truly multi-purpose equipment.
The big one helping out with the putty. Note Olav resting by her feet.
Sandra and the little one at work.
Jonathan is happy after we managed to get all the kitchen pieces transported from IKEA. The receipt said we transported somer 650 kg of kitchen.
Me and my brother posing for the camera in the new kitchen. Photo by Sandra.
Sandra and Evelina out for an evening ride.
Along the way they were greeted by an old friend.
The stallion “Blue Eyes” who used to be in the adjacent field to their horses.
Skrållan, the adopted cat.
Sandra and Evelina, who has been painting all day with red colour at the house.
Not really sure what the horses were doing. They kept splashing the water with their hooves for a really long time. Maybe they were just playing.
Riding through the woods.
Building in progress. We used the horse wagon to transport the pony and the IKEA kitchen (but not at the same time).
Teaching my niece to photograph. She was having so much fun and even started directing the other girls. Now her wish list for Christmas includes money, a computer and a camera.
This is one of the photos shot by my niece of her friend Arwen.
Middle one doing some gymnastics inspired by a pose from one of the dancers I have photographed.
Jonathan heading out into the water after a long day of working.
Little one waiting for the barbecue.
Jonathan doing the barbecuing.
Round two of the swimming.
Who can make the biggest splash?
Several kilos of camera equipment, and he resorts to using his mobile phone to capture the sunset.
Jonathan had brought a new lens to photograph birds with, but as there were no birds on the beach he shot this photo of me instead.
We played Ligretto and the little one was using a phone to keep track of the scores.
One last photo, taken on the train home by a fellow passenger. The stylish necklace in the photo was a gift from one of my nieces!

Four days goes really quickly, and it is time to head back to Stockholm. Many thanks to my brother and his family for a fun few days!

— Johannes

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  1. Josef
    July 30, 2017

    Snygga bilder! Favoriterna är: Olivia som står på händer, Jonathan som fotograferar solnedgången med mobilen och din text till och bilden på dig i tåget! Gillar halsbandet. 🙂

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