Christmas in the Countryside

For the second time in a row I celebrated Christmas in Småland with my brother Jonathan’s family and my parents. It is a really nice change of pace to get out into the countryside. I brought my camera with me, and here below is a selection of my favourite photos from the visit.

The middle one sitting drawing at her desk, surrounded by a small army of plastic toys.
The youngest one modelling a hat and a bowl still full of candy.
Sandra and the middle one.
Big sister listening to music or watching youtube clips on her tablet.
Big sister and their new cat. Sandra rescued Skrållan as a five week-old kitten, and brought her into the family. She was adopted by one of their other cats, Karamella, who already had seven kittens but brought her up as one of her own. All the other kittens are now sold, but Skrållan sticks around.
Jonathan singing some very Christmassy songs.
The youngest one playing with Lego.
Horse and pony riding for the little one and mum.
Sandra, little one and the dog Olav.
Riding down the road. As you can see we did not have a lot of snow. On the evening of the 24th it did snow a bit.
I saw a puddle and asked Sandra and the little one to turn around and ride towards me.
Sandra and the little one.
Middle one enjoying a cup of glögg.
Grandpa and the little one.
Christmas dinner. In Sweden we celebrate on December 24th.
Photo of the little one by Sandra.
Me with the two older sisters, and my mum.
Jonathan having a bit of a post dinner nap.
Mum and dad. After the mandatory 3 o’clock “Kalle Anka’s Julafton” (Donald Duck Christmas special) on TV, it was finally time to open the presents.
“God jul och snart ett helt år”, Merry Christmas and soon a whole year! (Written by the little one)
Middle one in front of the Christmas tree, after handing out all the gifts dressed up as Santa’s little helper, she has returned as herself.
One of the most fun things with Christmas is how happy and excited the kids are for all the presents.
Sims 4!
Jonathan helping the middle one put the big stable together.
Middle one and Grandma.
Big sister is trying to install Sims, but we are having trouble getting it to work from the DVDs. In the end Jonathan had to go into work to redownload the game the next day.
We adults had a small Christmas present game, this was my contribution to it.
New day, a morning walk. Since it is only bright for about six hours you have to make sure you go out during that time to get some sun.
Big sister and Olav.
Walking through the fields.
Mum and dad.
Jonathan playing “Elektrisk” on Youtube. Sandra was singing along with an impeccable Norwegian accent.
The sisters playing Sims together.
Jonathan playing Rocket League while Sandra crochets and watches.
More sims.
A new day, a new walk. This time the entire family joined in.
Little one on the bike.
Middle one, also on the bike.
Big sister and Sandra on horseback.
When the road is blocked by a road barrier you simply take a small detour through the forest.
Out into the open.
The girls on bike were not having quite as easy a ride.
Sandra on Trula.
Big sister riding on Amy the pony.
The sisters.
Little sister
The middle one wanted to ride, so Jonathan had to take over her bike. The things you do as a parent.
Middle one, Sandra and big sister.
Little sister, Olav and Jonathan.
Full speed ahead!
Horseback riding is fun!
Big sister and Olav.
More Sims.
Last day, visiting Frälsningsarmen. Sandra trying the trombone while the little one watches.
After lunch I got a chance to visit Hegethorn’s camera store in Nässjö. This shot was with the Nikon 105mm f2.8 Macro lens that I was curious about.

Until next time!

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