Lily is a play written and directed by Isla Cowan that runs 29 November to 3 December 2016 at Corpus Playroom. I met up with the cast to do a photoshoot at St John’s College. There are some really impressive student accommodations around the second court that we had access to. Great location, great actors and a nice cloud cover in the sky to give us soft light. What more could you ask for?

Os Leanse and Ben Martineau

Lily is dead. Who was she?

It seems even her friends don’t know.

As they gather in Eleanor’s living room after the funeral, Lily’s friends attempt to remember and celebrate her life, but their discussion soon turns inwards. Though they talk about Lily, they actually say very little, and end up revealing more about themselves than about her. In the wake of death, they think of their own jobs, children and love affairs; their own life forces are brought to the fore as they deal with the idea of death. They take chances, and take trust in each other. Tangled relationships unravel and quiet sufferings find voice in this strange afternoon of grief and false smiles. In the limbo space of the living room, they express their desires and confront their demons. Love and death meet head-on.

Jack seems to be the only person truly focussed on mourning. Unlike the others, he has no trouble in remembering Lily, but how will he ever let go?

(Text from Camdram)

Ben Martineau and Os Leanse
Os Leanse, Emma Corrin and Tom Chamberlaine
Emma Corrin
Ben Clarke and Joe Spence
Joe Spence and Ben Clarke
Ben Clarke
Tom Chamberlaine, Emma Corrin, Ben Clarke, Os Leanse, Joe Spence and Ben Martineau
Emma Corrin and Tom Chamberlaine
Os Leanse

We also shot a some short clips that we put together into a trailer. Have a look!

Many thanks to the cast and crew of Lily for a fun shoot!

Reviews: TCS (9/10)

— Johannes


Eleanor – Molly Stacey
Annabelle – Emma Corrin
Dave – Tom Chamberlain
Freddie – Joe Spence
Nick – Os Leanse
Simone – Cecily Pierce
Gary – Ben Clarke
Jack – Ben Martineau

Production Team
Writer / Director – Isla Cowan
Producer – Tom Bevan
Assistant Director – Josh McClure
Assistant Producer – Emily Page
Publicity Designer – Rosie Best
Sound Designer – Bret Cameron
Stage Manager – Hannah Moss
Lighting Designer – Johnny King
Photography & Trailer – Johannes Hjorth

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