Weekend in Småland

This weekend I visited my brother and his family in Småland. On Saturday we visited a flea market, which was surprisingly fun. Jonathan, Sandra and I each had one of the kids to find outfits for. The middle one and I went out scavenging through the piles of clothes, sorted by size, to find a few pieces of glimmering gold. In the end we found more than 30 items between the six of us, and some of the new clothes are featured in the photos below.

On Saturday evening we did another first for me, which was building a feeding “house” for the horses’ food. No photos of that though, I was too busy building.

Sandra and Jonathan have built a climbing wall in the corner of the living room, where the girls can have fun.
The middle one modelling her new jeans jacket.
The big one modelling her new clothes from the flea market. Here we have put up a sheet in front of the window, to create a soft light source.
A regal look.
Jonathan in front of the camera.
Jonathan taking a photo of me.
Sandra braided the big one’s hair, so we did a few more photos.
Looking out the window “like in one of the Harry Potter movies”. Do they do that a lot in the movies?
There are a few bushes outside the front door, so we used them as a background for this photo.
The sun was setting which gave this beautiful orange light. The sky also had a deep blue colour, one of my favourite lighting conditions.
The little one goofing off.
Sandra and the middle one.
I wonder what Jonathan is thinking in the background?
Jonathan and Sandra
Sandra by the entrance.
A photo of me, taken by Sandra. The middle one also took a few snaps of me.
The little one had made a beautiful weave for grandma, so she had sent her an alphabet book as thanks. Many hours of fun learning.

A video clip of Elinore practicing with the book she got from Grandma:

I think the girls got too much candy this past Saturday…

It was great fun to visit Jonathan, Sandra and the girls again.

— Johannes

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