A Festival of New Writing

A Festival of New Writing is running this week at Downing College at the Howard Theatre, showcasing new writing, each piece about 20 minutes long. On Wednesday evening they had their dress rehearsal. Here are a few photos from three of the plays showcased.

The Howl: James Hancock-Evans and Lola Olufemi.
The Howl. James taking a selfie during the play?
Beautiful Voices: Alice Carlill as a nurse
Beautiful Voices: Tom Stuchfield in bandages and Alice Carlill
Beautiful Voices
The control room. Rose Reade and two techies.
Lili Thomas, creative director.
The man who ran a red: Ryan Monk
The man who ran a red
The man who ran a red: Em Miles as a police detective
The man who ran a red: Rhodri Hughes

Lili Thomas on the floor working on her laptop

Read the Varsity review (4/5).

Officer Bell (The Man Who Ran a Red) – Ryan Monk
Ivan (The Man Who Ran a Red) – Rhodri Hughes
Superintendent (The Man Who Ran a Red) – Em Miles
Nurse (Beautiful Voices) – Alice Carlill
Soldier (Beautiful Voices) – Tom Stuchfield
Decca (The Howl) – Lola Olufemi
Jamie (The Howl) – James Hancock-Evans
Mark (Spin) – Tom Hogg
Andrew (Spin) – Ravi Patel
Eva (Hamelin) – Evie Butcher
Christopher (Hamelin) – Sam Keen
Christopher’s Mother (Hamelin) – Posey Mehta
Priest (Hamelin) – Adam Butler-Rushton
Juliette (Testament) – Amy Malone
Lionel (Testament) – William Sorflaten
Tilly (Testament) – Zoe Barnes
George (Testament) – Tom Read-Cutting

Production Team
Creative Director – Lili Thomas
Producer – Miranda Venables
Publicity Designer – Ed Bryan
Stage Manager – Kayla Marks
Assistant Producer – Liv Thomas
Writer – Miz Hashimoto, Sarah Caulfield, Eli Keren, Tom Stuchfield, Lilly Posnett, Poppy McLean, Gareth Mattey,Issy Gately, Isaac Jordan, Rob Thomson
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth
Director (Beautiful Voices) – Rose Reade
Director (The Man Who Ran a Red) – Eli Keren
Director (Hamelin) – Alex King
Director (The Howl) – Min Ji Choi
Director (The Lazarus Project) – Hazel Lawrence
Director (Two men wearing dresses) – Gareth Mattey
Director (Panther) – Jonah Hauer-King
Costume Designer (Hamelin) – Flora de Falbe

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