A Handful of Leaves

This Sunday afternoon I met up with Emilia Storck and Veronika Rozanoff for a ballet photoshoot. We wanted to capture the autumn colours of the landscape, so headed out into the woods behind the Royal Institute of Technology. I had brought my 200mm lens, and a tripod with me, which meant that we were on the look out for open places with enough distance, and with some orange leaves in the background.

Emilia Storck. To get enough distance I ended up having to walk into the undergrowth of the trees, which must have looked funny to people passing by. The yellow haze in the left of the frame is from a branch of leaves held by Veronika.
Emilia Storck. We found this patch of sunlight, and had a few minutes to photograph there before it moved on.
Veronika Rozanoff. Here we wanted to create a moodier photo.
Emilia Storck. Walking along Baron RÃ¥lambs road we saw a tree with beautiful yellow leaves just behind the the crest of the hill. When I was a child this road used to be heavily trafficked, but this time we saw just one or two cars.
Emilia Storck and Veronika Rozanoff
Veronika Rozanoff. By shooting in the last rays of sunlight we could make Veronika stand out against a darker background.
Emilia Storck
Emilia Storck
Emilia Storck with a new little friend.
Emilia Storck
Veronika Rozanoff
Emilia Storck
Emilia Storck
Emilia and Veronika. Inspired by a photo we saw on instagram.

A short behind-the-scenes video:

A big thank you to Emilia and Veronika for a fun autumn photoshoot!

Instagram: Emilia, Veronika, Johannes

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