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A couple of hours before it was time to leave for the train station and head up to Glasgow for the Human Brain Project Summit, I met up with Tara and Ruby Kearney. The plan was to do a yoga and portrait session. All you really need to do beautiful portraits is a room with some interesting texture on the walls, and a big window that lets in light.

Ruby Kearney. When shooting photos like this by the window I prefer to turn the face of the model towards the light. This is an easy way to create a bit of Rembrandt light, you can recognise it by the little triangle of light under her left eye.
Ruby Kearney. Head-on portrait, here I am standing right next to the window, and Ruby a step away from the window. The aim is to get a bit more light on her face.
Tara Kearney. I was travelling light this trip, and had only brought my 50 mm lens with me. To get this full body shot I was standing in the opposite corner with my back to the wall.
Tara Kearney. One of my favourite photos from this photoshoot. Here I slightly overexposed the photo to get a lighter feel to it. We had to do a few shots in order to get Tara perfectly centred in the window.
Tara Kearney. A simple but elegant pose.
Tara Kearney. I can never wrap my head around how this is physically possible. I wonder how many people can say that they can fix their hair with their feet.
Tara Kearney. This is another of my favourite photos from this shoot. The serene look on Tara’s face was what inspired the blog post name.
Tara and Ruby

A big thank you to Tara and Ruby for a fun morning photoshoot!

To see more photos with Tara Kearney and Ruby Kearney, click on their respective names.

— Johannes

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