A Morning in May

This past Saturday I took the train for the first time since the beginning of March and travelled to Humlegården in Stockholm to meet up with Lisa Scharp, Alma Faringer Hultberg och Nathalie Wiberg for a morning dance photoshoot. My plan was to use the alley in the park but there was a construction site at the end of it, so instead we decided to take a few photos among the trees and flowers before going to nearby steps.

Lisa Scharp under the trees in Humlegården.
Alma Faringer Hultberg
Nathalie Wiberg found some beautiful rhododendron bushes. The sky was partly covered with clouds. We had two spots for Nathalie, one that worked great when the sun was out, and this which looked better when the sun was behind clouds. Let’s just say there was a bit of running back and forth as the sun ducked in and out of the cloud cover.
Lisa Scharp on the steps.
Nathalie Wiberg. This and the next few photos looked more atmospheric and moody in black and white. The keen observer might notice that the focusing plane is tilted into the plane of the image, making Nathalie’s legs blurry.
Nathalie Wiberg
Nathalie Wiberg
Nathalie Wiberg. The jacket almost got its own life thanks to the folds and flow of the fabric.
Alma Faringer Hultberg
Alma Faringer Hultberg. This was shot from a bridge above Alma, which gave a new perspective to her poses.
Nathalie Wiberg from above.
Lisa Scharp. Again I dialled up the tilt-shift on the lens quite high, resulting in this band of sharpness in the middle of the image.
Lisa Scharp
Lisa Scharp

We took the train out to Näsbypark, had a bit to eat and then continued with Part II of the photoshoot which has its’ own blog post.

Instagram: Lisa, Alma, Nathalie, Johannes

To be continued…

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