Ajax440 is a play about gaming addiction written and directed by Henry St Leger-Davey. It tells the story of Ian (played by Joe Spencer) who, some might say, transcends into a higher being in a virtual world, others might say he simply tries to escape reality. As Ajax he grows from a puny n00b to the greatest warrior, guided by Athena (played by Laura Waldren). As the play progresses the lines between what is real and not start to blur, with the characters of the virtual world appearing in the real world. His sister Teucer (played by Alice Carlill) tries to intervene…

Joe Spence as Ajax. Should he go to work, or should he sit down and play…
Lost in the game.

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You can find the tickets to the play on Corpus Playroom’s webpage. Go see it! If you check back in a couple of days there will be a few extra photos and some more text.

The Cambridge Student review gave Ajax440 7/10, The Tab (68/100) and the Varsity review gave the play 4/5.

– Johannes

Teucer – Alice Carlill
Oddie – Toby Marlow
Alice – Martha Skye Murphy
Oracle, Mother – Rose Reade
Amy – Rebecca Thomas
Anastasia – Kate Marston
Athena, Cosplayer 1 – Laura Waldren
Stephen, Father, Cosplayer 2 – Tris Hobson
Ian/Ajax, Ragamuffin – Joe Spence

Production Team
Director, Writer – Henry St Leger-Davey
Associate Director – Guy Clark
Assistant Director – Kaiti Soultana
Costume Designer – Isabel Adomakoh Young
Producer – Ploy Kingchatchaval
ASM – Rosa Verity
Publicity Designer – Rob Eager
Set Designer – Jack Parham
Master Carpenter – Toby Molyneux
Assistant Producer – Sachin Parathalingam
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth
Sound Wizard, Light Mage – Charlie Houseago
Death Choreographer – Bea Svistunenko
Stage Manager of my heart, Script Advisor – Kayla Marks
Assistant Director – Lucy Moss

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