Alice Flashmob

Joanna Vymeris and Tom Bevan organised a flashmob for Alice in the centre of Cambridge to promote the show. CUTV showed up with their cameras to record the event. The first performance at the Market Square drew a large crowd, so they did it a second time outside King’s College.

Joanna the director/general in red with the CUTV team (Florrie Priest, Matilda Waters and Ellie Gould) behind her.
Vinciane Jones playing Alice in the show. I am convinced that ballerinas walk around with their ballet shoes everywhere.
Alastair Houston
David Ho, Lili Pierret, Gina Curwen, Sharla Petterson, Hanna Martin, Gemma Goodfellow, Nadine Manji and Natalia Przelomska
In the middle of the show a garbage truck dreve past obscuring the view for the crowd.
Edgar Engel, David Ho and Lili Pierret
Sharla Petterson, Sarah O’Brien, Edgar Engel, Lili Pierret and David Ho
Reimi Konda on David Ho, Natalia Przelomska on Kenny Wong, Sharla Petterson on Edgar Engel, Sarah O’Brien on Hanna Martin, Gemma Goodfellow on Harvey Klyne, Lili Pierret on Jess Slim, and Joanna Vymeris on Gina Curwen
Reimi Konda, Natalia Przelomska, Gina Curwen and Gemma Goodfellow

If you want to see more photos from Alice, check out the poster photoshoot and the dress rehearsal photos on this blog.

Alice – Vinciane Jones
The Mad Hatter – Kyle Fearn
The Queen of Hearts – Connie Krarup
Cheshire Cat – Emily Mahon
Caterpillar – Kalvin Dinh
Dormouse/Flower – Nathalie Layton-McIntosh
Cheshire Cat – Will Duncan
The Mad Hatter/The Queen of Hearts – Katie Struthers
March Hare – Quintin Langley-Coleman
Tweedledum – Lili Pierret
Tweedledee – Kenny Wong
Dance Chorus – Charlie Clark, Shikha Pahari, Joanna Lobl, Imogen Granger, Daphne Chia
White Rabbit – Gina Curwen
Gymnast Chorus – Edgar Engel, David Ho, Reimi Konda,Hanna Martin, Gemma Goodfellow, Sharla Petterson,Sarah O’Brien, Annie Muston, Natalia Przelmska
Tweedledum – Anna Keeley
Dance Chorus – Lucy McMahon, Aurora Roelofs
March Hare – Alistair Houston
Tweedledee – Natasha Wilson
Dormouse – Ellen McGrath
Gymnast – Harvey Klyne, Jess Slim

Production Team
Director – Joanna Vymeris
Producer – Jamie Rycroft
Assistant Director – Imi Mulliner
Assistant Producer – Tom Bevan
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth
Publicity Designer – Charlotte Randall
Circus Rigger – Will Duncan
Stage Manager – Katherine Ridley
Deputy Stage Manager – Alex Ridley
Flying Director – Ruth Harvey
Sound Designer – Bret Cameron
Production Designer – Connie (Harper) Dent
Lighting Designer – Tony Dent
Assistant Stage Manager – Mira Nadarajah, Kate Emden
Teacup Decorator/Tent Seamstress – Steph Popa

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