Annual Easter Trip

For the third year in a row the Gamma-six floor at SciLifeLab arranged a trip over Easter. The first year we went to Öland, last year we travelled to Tallin, and this year we had originally planned on going to Portugal, but we were too late in booking tickets, so we instead went to Väddö north of Stockholm. Getting there turned out to be a bit of an adventure, as half the group missed the connecting bus at Norrtälje and had to wait there for four hours.

Richard, Ilaria, Frederico and I arrived on the first bus, and wandered around a bit on the island.
Hazal Koptagel
Johannes Hjorth. Photo by Hazal.
Ilaria and Frederico
Johannes, Hazal, Ilaria and Frederico. I almost never use the self timer on my cameras, so I pressed the button and dashed expecting to only have a couple of seconds before it took the photo. Turns out the delay was waaay longer, but we go the shot!
Hazal and Ilaria

Saturday morning Patrick, Marie and I headed south east to do a fitness photoshoot. Patrick does a bit of weight lifting and has even competed in it on a national level. On the trip I had brought my old Nikon D700, and an 85 mm f/1.8 lens. There are also a few photos in this blog post taken with my new mobile. The Samsung Galaxy S9 has a pretty decent camera, way better than my old S4.

Patrick Truong
Patrick and Marie
Patrick also brought his guitar as a prop for the photoshoot.
Patrick and his guitar.
I have been thinking of doing a photoshoot comparison between a mobile and a dslr. This particular photo was taken with the S9, which gave me a wider angle allowing me to include both the light house and Patrick without having to wade out into the ice cold water.

After the photoshoot we headed back to the villa and met up with the rest of the group for a barbecue.

Marie, Patrick, Gus and Hazal.
Richard Tjörnhammar
Patrick and Richard
Mandi Chen was painting the beautiful scenery.

For those who are interested, I will post a private album on Facebook with more photos. Many thanks to Hazal Koptagel, Gustavo Jeuken, Ilaria Carannante, Federico Izzo, Mandi Chen, Richard Tjörnhammar, Andrei Kramer, Alina, Matilda, Yrin Eldfjell, Mohammadreza Mohaghegh, Patrick Truong and Marie for a fun Easter trip!

— Johannes

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