Ante Meridiem

Saturday morning my alarm clock was set for five o’clock, and forty minutes later I was in a car with Erik Lind and Elisa Krujezi heading for Hägernäsbadet. Our plan was to use the early morning golden light for a photoshoot by the water. The good thing with getting up that early is that you get the beach all to yourself. The only onlookers were a flock of Canada geese that were doing their morning cleaning by the beach.

Erik Lind checking out the water.
Erik Lind. After maybe half an hour of jumping around in the water an old lady showed up to inform us that the beach was closed due to bad water quality. After checking online we saw that there had been a spike in E. Coli the week before, but that the latest test had shown that it was back at healthy values again, so we went back into the water.
Elisa Krujezi
Elisa Krujezi and Erik Lind
Erik Lind leap of faith from the jetty.
Erik Lind and Elisa Krujezi
Elisa Krujezi
Erik Lind
Erik Lind. This was the last photo of the day, after many jumps we finally got this. It is a composite, with the moon photo taken by NASA.

Many thanks to Erik and Elisa for a fun and crazy early photoshoot!

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— Johannes

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