Art of Being a Girl

Sara Larsson and I met up in the evening after work for a dance photoshoot in Östermalm. There weather forecast had promised a bit of light rain, which could potentially create some nice puddles of water for us to play with. We met up on Danderydsgatan, which is a beautiful little street that has an archway with great light. From there we continued to Ordenstrappan, before taking a short break, and then heading to Karlaplan for the last few photos. All the photos in this blog post were shot with my old 135mm f/2.8 AI Nikon lens, mounted on the Nikon D810. Mixing old and new.

Sara Larsson
Sara Larsson with Danderydsgatan in the background. If you look closely you can see the raindrops.
Sara Larsson on Ordenstrappan.
Sara Larsson
Sara Larsson
Sara Larsson, seen from the bridge at Eriksbergsgatan.
Sara Larsson
Sara Larsson, crossing the street in style.
Sara Larsson. You can see some of the posters from the recent Riksdags-election in the background.
Sara Larsson – Art of Being a Girl. The photo that gave name to this blog post.
Sara Larsson by the fountain at Karlaplan.
Sara Larsson
Amanda Stööp and Sara Larsson

Many thanks to Sara for a fun photoshoot, and to Amanda for joining in at the end!

— Johannes


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