University of Cambridge Asia Theatre Tour 2017

In an academic environment like Cambridge, the memory is only as old as the person that has been around the longest. This means that traditions are easy to create, since after a few years things have always been done in that way for everyone present. This year a group of students are setting up the Asia Theatre Tour, and it is fun to watch a new tradition in the making. I met up with the cast and crew to do some promotion photos for their tour.

Jiwoo Yoo
Jiwoo Yoo and Callum Hill
Callum Hill
Emily Larcombe
Emily Larcombe and Jiwoo Yoo
Hope Chen
Jessica Murdoch and Hope Chen
Gus Mitchell, James Coe and Jiwoo Yoo
Hope Chen, Becky Sheperdson and Jessica Murdoch
Jessica Murdoch shielding herself from the rain
Cara Fung, Hope Chen and Jessica Murdoch
Day climbers. Not quite as successful as their night time counterparts.
Jessica Murdoch, Emily Larcombe, Hope Chen, Cara Fung, Lily Burge and Becky Shepherdson
Jessica Murdoch, Gus Mitchell, Jiwoo Yoo, Cara Fung and Becky Sheperdson
Jiwoo Yoo, Emily Larcombe, Jessica Murdoch, Gus Mitchell, James Coe, Cara Feng and Becky Shepherdson
Becky Shepherdson
Becky Shepherdson and Jiwoo Yoo
Jessica Murdoch
Becky Shepherdson
Becky Shepherdson

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Helga – Jessica Murdoch
Chin – Cara Fung
Marc – James Coe
Renee – Becky Shepherdson
Song Liling – Jiwoo Yoo
Gallimard – Josh McClure
Toulon – Gus Mitchell

Production Team
Tour Manager – Emily Larcombe
China Coordinator – Hope Chen
Korea Coordinator – Jiwoo Yoo
Hong Kong Coordinator – Cara Fung
Director – Claire T-S
Assistant Director – Callum Hill
Stage Manager – Lily Burge
Technical Director – Mark Danciger
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth
Publicity Designer – Oliver Baldock

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