Autumn in Näsbydal

My parents had some errands at Täby Centrum and dropped by for lunch in Näsbydal. They were in a good mood, so I took the opportunity to take some photos of them. First a set of photos in my living room, and then outside in the beautiful autumn sun.

Dad, photographed right next to the window. I had the venetian blinds partially turned to avoid direct sunlight on his face.
Dad and Mom.
We took quite a few photos there by the window.
A more solemn photo.
After that we ventured outside.
Next to the bus stop there is a hill that I have never been up, so what better thing to do than to go exploring.
Peeking out behind the tree, dad was having so much fun with this particular location.
Trying to create a more dynamic photo.
Not every day you get to boss your parents around. Go there, ok now turn around and walk back. Ok, do it again please.
There was a patch of sunlight on the trees, so I asked mom to stand there.
We were looking for all sorts of light, here a streak coming in between a set of trees created a beautiful separation between my parents and the background.
What is that?
Someone found a lost dog and put up a sign. The dog likes to eat black pudding, belly rubs, long walks and vacuum cleaners. Any takers?
Last photo of the morning. The hill expedition was a success.


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  1. Josef
    October 17, 2015

    Snygga bilder, brorsan! Roligt att se ett photo shot med mamma och pappa! De blir ju riktigt bra på bild!

  2. Penny
    December 13, 2016

    Dear Margaretha and family,
    How lovely to see you from here in Devon.
    My mother and i remember you every Christmas and now long for you all to come and see us again at Tiverton at our new home.
    We still enjoy your traditional post.
    Christopher 41 Tidcombe Lane EX16 4EA

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