Autumn weekend in Småland

This past weekend I took the train down to Småland to visit my brother and his family. The autumn colours have already arrived there, with beautiful yellows and reds. It is always great fun to see Jonathan and company. Never a dull moment.

We did lots of different things, and even had some time to record a music video, but let’s not get ahead of things. Close to their new house they have a stable with space for both their horse Trula and pony Amy, and this Saturday morning riding lessons were on the schedule. Unfortunately, the oldest one was ill, and spent most of the Saturday bedridden watching movies on the iPad, but mom and the middle one were riding.

I arrived late on Friday evening, so did not do much that evening. In the morning I was woken up by my niece who had made some chocolate balls earlier and had saved two for her mum and two for me. I can only assume that Jonathan had already eaten his fair share, and possibly a few extra.
Riding lesson!
Sandra after her own riding lesson, watching the middle one on the pony.
The little one digging around in the garage for an inflatable fish and seal. Do not ask me why she wanted them, I have no idea.
Full speed ahead. Here I have shot with a longer shutter, and panned the camera along with her motion.
Heading back into the stable.
Two friends looking out through the door.
A moment by the grand piano.
Olav has hurt his paw, and must not lick the wound, so he has to wear this plastic collar which makes life tricky.
Lunch time!
There is an abandoned cabin not far away that the girls have taken over as their play house. I love the broken glass in the window. Middle one was a bit grumpy, while the youngest one found a Bamse cartoon on the table.
Beautiful light, beautiful colours. This photo was a bit overexposed, but by shooting in RAW I could recover some of the highlights.
As the door closed, Sandra bathed in warm light.
Sandra and Karamella.
In the evening the fever has gone down a bit and the oldest one shows her face outside.
Quadcopter time!
Olav’s hunting instinct kicks in.
Jonathan showing Sandra how to use the controls. “I think you have to show me again…”
Sunday. Father and daughter goofing off in the kitchen.
Do you know where Sweden is on the globe?
This photo of me was taken by the middle one!

It was great to be down in Småland again and spend time with Jonathan, Sandra and the girls. These little everyday adventures make life fun! The music video that I mentioned in the beginning? You will have to wait a bit longer, I need to find some time to edit it first. Stay tuned.

– Johannes

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