Autumn Tales

About a week ago Inka Keränen and Felicia Andersson came out to Näsbypark for an evening photoshoot with some beautiful orange light. We did not have much time, but we did manage to get some great shots. I picked this spot not far from Viggbyholms marina, where you could see the boats in the background, or choose a cleaner background with just water and a tree line if you angle the shot more to the east.

Felicia Andersson. I usually tell dancers not to bring all black, as it eats all the light, especially for evening shoots when the light is going away. To compensate I have lifted the shadows a bit, to bring out some texture in the material.
Felicia Andersson
Inka Keränen
Felicia Andersson
Felicia Andersson and Inka Keränen. Inka had brought these fun hats as props, which was quite good as it got a bit colder in the evening with the wind.
Inka Keränen. Something about this outfit feels like it belongs in an old Finnish fairy tale of some kind.
Felicia Andersson
Inka Keränen
Inka Keränen
Felicia Andersson. Last photo for the evening. Time to pack up and head back. We managed to time the train with just minutes to spare.

Many thanks to Inka and Felicia for a fun photoshoot! Also check out Inka’s blog where she writes about dance and life.

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— Johannes

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