BA Open Stage HT 2023

Yesterday, October 20th, Balettakademien hosted an open stage. It is always fun to see what new creations the dancers and choreographers have created. I was there for the first run through and took some photos.

Hilma Olofsson and Amalie Kjeldmann Bach

Stand Still
Choreographer: Elida Jondal Thorsen
Dancers: Adrian Omberg, Jolie Pierrou, Maren Joundal Thorsen, Nora Thelander, Sophia Ellis and Theodor Adolfsson
Music: Sabrina Claudio — Stand Still

Theodor Adolfsson, Nora Thelander and Maren Jondal Thorsen
Nora Thelander and Maren Jondal Thorsen

Work in progress LIGHTS
Choreographer: Matilda Johansson
Dancers: BA Prepare Advanced 2
Music: SOHN & The Metropole Orkest — Lights

Singer: Ottilia Svensson
Music: Burn from Hamilton by Lin Manuel Miranda

Ottilia Svensson

Choreography and dancers: BA Dance Education modern/contemporary
Music: Jeremy Olander, Hunter/Game — Andklön

Una Lea Ránar

Choreography: Maria Sundin
Dancers: Yrkesdansutbildningen åk 3, Jazz
Music: DeLee Lively, Brenda Brazton — Act One: Trouble

Joakim Pham, Paulina Rosenqvist and Marthe Sverd Dragsund

Please don’t make me love you
Singer: Ida Eriksson
Music: Please don’t make me love you, Dracula the Musical by Frank Wildhorn

Ida Eriksson

Humans & Angels
Choreography and dance: Dance education jazz/commercial
Music: Sevdaliza — Human, Amaarae — Angels in Tibet

Back on 74
Choreography: Alice Öhman
Dancers: Saga Jansson, Marthe Sverd Dragsun, Johanne Lyshagen Stette and Alice Öhman
Music: Jungle — Back on 74

Saga Jansson, Marthe Sverd Dragsun, Alice Öhman and Johanne Lyshagen Stette
Saga Jansson, Marthe Sverd Dragsun, Alice Öhman and Johanne Lyshagen Stette

Finale B
Sånginstudering: Erik Adelöw
Singers: Ida E, Anouk, Boel, Erik, Zofia, Maja, Klara, Filippa, Ottilia, Erika, Emma, Matilda, Felicia, Oliver, Ida S and Johanna
Music: Finale B from Rent by Jonathan Larson

Det er fordi, jag er vaedder
Choreography: Amalie Kjeldmann Bach
Dancers: Nora Thelander, Victor Lans, Dina Skjelstad Hippe and Amalie Kjeldmann Bach
Music: Origin One — Dread & Burried

Victor Lans, Nora Thelander, Amalie Kjeldmann Bach
Victor Lans, Nora Thelander, Amalie Kjeldmann Bach

Please do not feed the animals!
Choreography: Elisabeth Johanna Staaf and Sunneva Líf Albertsdóttir
Dancers: Aina-Sofia Kieri, Anton Unger, Una Lea Ránar, Zoe Annefelt

Choreography: Adrian Omberg
Dancers: Adrian Omberg, Sigrid Nord, Elea Standal, Lydia Fall and Sebastian La Clair
Music: Superpitcher — Lapdance

Coordinated by Yasemin Nilsson Altan
Sound and lights by Joakim Fjelldal
Principal and artistic leadership by Jan Åström

Many thanks to Balettakademin and it’s dancers for a great show!

This was the first show I photographed with the new Nikon Z8. There are a few notable differences between using an old school DSLR and the newer mirrorless. It is great to have a silent shutter and that you see directly what the new photo will look like in the viewfinder. This means you can keep shooting also in the quiet parts without disturbing the audience or performers.

The eye detection auto-focus works pretty okay, however it can struggle a bit when it gets darker. On the old DSLR your ISO setting did not affect autofocus, but on the Z8 it appears it might do. Also learned that the autofocus is not sensitive to red light, so if you have a dark scen with red light, then the focusing is really going to struggle.

I tend to take more photos with the Z8 than with the D850 and D810, perhaps because there is not the same immediate feedback “click” when you take the picture. The Z8 generates more heat when photographing than the old cameras, and after about 45 minutes I got a hot card warning. The camera has both a CF Express card and a SD card, and I had been shooting to the latter, so switched over to the CF Express card. Have since heard that shooting to the CF Express card might generate less heat, so might use that as the primary when shooting in conditions where there will be lots of photos.

All in all it was quite nice to use the Z8, but it is good to be aware how it differs from your standard old school DSLR:

— Johannes

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