BA Suck it!

Yesterday I got a chance to photograph a stage rehearsal for Balettakademien’s last year students before they start their tour.

”Suck it – often used to rub something in someone’s face, for instance, something they didn’t think you could do. Once it is accomplished, you could use this term as an expression to say “even though you thought I couldn’t, look I just did it anyway.”

Choreographed by Anton Lachky, Jennifer Archibald, Gabriella Engdahl, Subjazz and Hlin Hjalmarsdottir. Everything curated by Charlotta Öfverholm.

(More text and dancer credits coming soon…)

Thea Back
Alexander Bergström
Janelle Holland
Saga Jansson
Marvin Kouassi
Smilla Larsson Lindh
Dalila Lima Freire
Felicia Lindberg
Johanne Lyshagen Stette
Alfred Molander
Rubi Felina Myhre
Alva Norgren
Joakim Pham
Paulina Rosenkvist
Anna Sjöberg
Dina Skjelstad Hippe
Nora Sofie Smedbakken
Marthe Sverd Dragsund
Josefin Westerberg
Isa Wig
Sara Wänström
Alice Öhman

You can find tickets to the show at Dansens Hus here.

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