Bad Habits

Selwyn College has a beautiful Chapel, making it a great location for a photoshoot about a convent filled with nuns. Bad Habits is a play written by Ella Godfrey and Simon West which will be performing at the second half of the Edinburgh Fringe. We met up to do a photoshoot for their play.

It is 1725 and, in the convent of Saint Simeon, another sinner has arrived to repent. Little does this young lady expect to become the audience to one of the most scandalous stories eighteenth century England has to offer.

Bad Habits sees one woman’s struggle to capture the heart of a man who gets bored as soon as they have slept together. Fantomina is forced to don increasingly outlandish disguises in order to secure herself just one more night. With the help of a sarcastic vicar, beleaguered innkeeper and a handful of unconventional nuns, both of our heroines will learn that debauchery is really rather fun, and that perhaps happy endings can be reached without the need for wedding bells.
Bad Habits is the farcical tale of one woman’s pursuit of love and sex. But mostly just the sex.

(Text from Camdram)

Sasha Bobak
Sasha Bobak, Amber Abrahams and Kate Collins
Sasha Bobak, Amber Abrahams and Kate Collins
Sasha Bobak and Kate Collins
Sasha Bobak, Amber Abrahams and Kate Collins
Sasha Bobak, Amber Abrahams, Kate Collins and Simon West
Simon West and Sasha Bobak

Mother: “You seem to think that finding a man should be like hunting; choose the one you want and follow him through hell, highwater and whatnot until he gets too utterly exhausted to run away. I prefer to fish; drop the bait in the water, reel one in and throw him back if he’s not big enough.”

Simon West and Kate Collins
Amber Abrahams and Simon West
Amber Abrahams

Ginny: “You promised to teach me a moral lesson, but it seems all I am to learn is new sexual positions.”
‘I really don’t think that any sexual activity should be happening in a nunnery, let alone some sort of semi-public exhibition!

Kate Collins
Kathryn Cussons and Simon West

Fantomina: “Months I spent following Hugo. Months of costumes and accents and fake beards. It was absurd, but I couldn’t stop.”

Marcus Fantham, Kathryn Cussons and Simon West
Amber Abrahams, Kathryn Cussons, Marcus Fantham, Sasha Bobak and Kate Collins
Kathryn Cussons, Amber Abrahams, Simon West, Marcus Fantham, Kate Collins and Sasha Bobak
Kathryn Cussons and Simon West
Amber Abrahams, Kathryn Cussons, Kate Collins and Sasha Bobak

Fantomina: “My undying obsession with Hugo Beauplaisir spurred me on to Edinburgh, but I was still apprehensive. I had heard that Edinburgh was just full of intoxicated inbreds barking at the moon on homemade highland whisky.”

Sasha Bobak, Kate Collins, Kathryn Cussons and Amber Abrahams
Simon West

Hugo: “I have told you before, there is no woman on earth who could truly satisfy me. It is my torment, but the struggle continues.”

Amber Abrahams, Kathryn Cussons, Kate Collins and Sasha Bobak

Bad Habit is performing 15-26 August 2017, at Edinburgh Fringe. Go check them out!

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Ginny – Amber Abrahams
Fantomina – Kathryn Cussons
Hugo Beauplaisir & Sister Mildred -Simon West
The Mother & Sister Agnes – Sasha Bobak
Tristan & Sister Brigid – Kate Collins
Inn Keeper, Carriage Driver & Sister Gertrude – Jasmin Rees

Violin – Marcus Fantham

Production Team
Writer – Ella Godfrey, Simon West
Director – Ella Godfrey, Simon West
Producer – Nick Harrison
Technician – Nick Harrison
Costume Designer – Jana Panakova
Composer – Izzy Herschmann
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth

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