Behind the Curtain

Window light is amazing, and for this photoshoot with Hannah we used a single big window as our only light source. The indirect sunlight coming in through the window gave us a very soft quality to the shadows. We went with darker colours to fit the mood of the room and the light.

Hannah looking out from her window on the streets below.
The thin white curtain helped shield the facade of the house on the other side, giving us a nice relatively clean background.
During this entire photoshoot I was playing with the light and shadow patterning on Hannah’s face.
A simple portrait. Here there is a hint of blue/green that I added in the shadows.
We found some props to include.
I really like playing with mirrors, they are like windows into an unseen part of the world. Allowing you to create superpositions.
We took several photos from this angle. What I liked here was that there was a man walking past in the background. I added some textures on top of the photo, and changed the curves to decrease the contrast, and make the photo look older.
Reading by the window.
One of Hannah’s hats added a bit of colour to the photo.
Hannah with her books.
Here I wanted Hannah’s face mostly in the shadows, with just a hint of light. I then had to lighten the dark parts of her face in post processing so the shadows would not be too deep.

We have done a few more photoshoots, to see the rest of the shoots with Hannah Taylor click the link.


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