Bubbles and Björn Borg

This weekend I did a dance inspired photoshoot with Tilda Kristiansson. We have done several other fun photoshoots, which you can find if you visit this link. It was a warm, but windy day, so we decided to do this shoot indoors. With us was Hazal Koptagel who was helping us with the reflector, which lifted shadows and added a nice highlight to many of the photos. She was also the master soap bubble blower for the second half of the photoshoot. Here are my favourite photos from the shoot.

Tilda Kristiansson doing a split in the window
Tilda Kristiansson
Tilda Kristiansson
Hazal Koptagel. We were waiting for Tilda to get changed for the next part of the shoot, so took some photos of Hazal for the behind the scenes.
Tilda Kristiansson in the window again.
Time to bring out the bubbles. Hazal just out of the frame to the left was blowing bubbles on Tilda.
Tilda Kristiansson
Tilda Kristiansson with more soap bubbles. It was quite tricky to get a consistent flow of bubbles. Luckily we had two jars so we did not run out of soap-water.
Tilda Kristiansson doing a handstand in the window
Tilda Kristiansson
Tilda Kristiansson in a yoga inspired pose.
Tilda Kristiansson
Hazal making sure we get the light right
Tilda Kristiansson behind the curtain
Tilda Kristiansson. We ended the shoot with a few portraits.
Tilda Kristiansson

Check out this short interview with Tilda on #whyborg!

Many thanks to Tilda and Hazal for a fun photoshoot!

For more dance photos, see the dance category on the blog.

— Johannes

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