1980s Seville. Carmen declares that any person she loves should beware. However, even she is unprepared for what will happen when she decides to seduce Don José, an army corporal who initially appears uninterested in her charms. Don José soon abandons his sweetheart Micaëla and his army job for Carmen, and joins her and her smuggler friends in the mountains. But Carmen quickly wearies of Don José’s possessiveness. When she turns her attentions to the dashing toreador Escamillo, Don José’s jealousy erupts into violence.
Text from Camdram.

The photoshoot with the Mikado cast merged into a photoshoot with the Carmen cast, both directed by Eleanor Burke.

Noémie Johns
Ellie Hunt and Anna Wagner
Michael Hong and Andrei Smid
Michael Hong, Constance Ayrton and Andrei Smid
Anna Wagner
Rachel Hartley Young, Frederik Duack and Ellie Hunt
Ellie Hunt
Anna Wagner and Luke Thomas
James Ward
James Ward
Chloe Allison
Noémie Johns and Chloe Allison
Andrei Smid, Chloe Allison and Michael Hong
Frederik Duack and Chloe Allison
Frederik Duack
Rachel Hartley Young and Frederik Duack
Rachel Hartley Young and Eleanor Burke
Louis Wilson and Lorena Romero
Louis Wilson and Chloe Allison
Louis Wilson and Chloe Allison
Louis Wilson and Chloe Allison

Preview: Varsity

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Carmen – Chloe Allison
Don José – Maximilian Lawrie
Micaëla – Anna Wagner
Escamillo – Louis Wilson
Mercédès – Constance Ayrton
Frasquita – Tiffany Charnley
El Dancaïre – Michael Hong
El Remendado – Andrei Smid
Moralès – Luke Thomas
Zuñiga – James Ward
La Manuelita – Noémie Johns
Lillas Pastia – Michael Morrison
Girl – Scarlet O’Shea
Chorus – Hope Whitehead, Maxim Meshkvichev, Rachel Coombs, Lara Cosmetatos, Vicky Gray, Noémie Johns, Charlotte Bailey, Lawrence Bissell, Tom Butler, Connor MacDonald, Michael Morrison, Gianmarco Raddi, Joseph Rooke, Scarlet O’Shea, Anna Cooper, Rosina Griffiths,Katy Cross, Lily Guenault, Emily Newlyn, Harriet Spring, Beatrix Swanson Scott, Georgina Deri, Seb Blount, Brian Lustig
Dancer – Frederik Duack, Panagiotis Boutris, Rachel Hartley Young, Ellie Hunt

Production Team
Director – Eleanor Burke
Musical Director – Oliver Cope
Publicity Designer – Marie-Louise James
Assistant Set Designer – Irma Franz
Language Coach – Constance Ayrton
Lighting Designer – Trui Malten
Costume Designer – Lorena Paton
Deputy Costume Designer – Amy Ryder
Assistant Stage Manager – Alex Wardles Solano
Props Master – Melanie Chen
Assistant Stage Manager – Irma Franz
Stage Manager – Alix Marie d’Avigneau
Fight Choreographer – Eleanor Lind Booton
Props Master – Zaynab Ahmed
Assistant Producer – Lucy Tiller
Associate Choreographer – Mary Butler
Choreographer – Jenny Tang
Set Designer – Michelle Spielberg
Assistant Director – Maddy Trepanier
Deputy Costume Designer – Bethan Winter
Assistant Musical Director – Felix Blake
Répétiteur – Sam Greening, Cleo Loi
Chorus Master – Jamie Conway
Assistant Producer – Meg Webb
Producer – Alix Marie d’Avigneau
Assistant Producer – Lucy Roberts
Movement Director – Daphne Chia
Assistant Costume Designer – Clarissa Hard
Cultural Advisor – Lorena Paton
Assistant Musical Director – Angus Robinson
Chorus Master – Brian Lustig
Répétiteur – Adam McDonagh
Language Coach – Alix Marie d’Avigneau
Assistant Producer – Piper Whitehead
Set Builder – Ben Williams, Tom Mullock

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