Carpo Couture

I met up with Annabel Bolton in Cambridge for a fashion inspired photoshoot. We were also joined by Flora Walsh and a friend of hers.

In Greek mythology Horae are the goddesses of the season, and Carpo was the one responsible for autumn and harvest. Hence the blog post name Carpo Couture, thanks to my old friend Nina for the suggestion.

Alleyways and tunnels are great for shaping the light when you do a natural light outdoor photoshoot. King’s Lane might not look like much but it can be surprisingly good as a photo location.

Annabel Bolton
Annabel Bolton
Annabel Bolton. We headed back to Ananbel’s apartment for a quick wardrobe change. Turns out she and her flatmate have some great big windows overlooking the market square, so we ended up doing quite a few photos there. Here we are experimenting with the reflection in the window. A good rule is that if the model can see the camera in the window reflection, then the camera can see the model. That can be quite helpful when framing the shot.
Annabel Bolton. We realised that when shooting by the window the boots disappeared in the crop, so we grabbed this cool chair.
Flora Walsh
Annabel Bolton and Flora Walsh
Annabel Bolton
Annabel Bolton. The apartment was filled with lots of cool props that we could use.
Annabel Bolton. I really like this classy look.
Annabel Bolton
Annabel Bolton. This might be the photoshoot I have done with the most wardrobe changes.
Annabel Bolton. As the sun started to get lower we decided to go outside to make use of the golden hour.
Annabel Bolton. Same location as above, but turned 180 degrees and with a slightly cooler white balance giving it a blue tone. This entire apartment complex was built on the roof of another building. Every time I come to Cambridge I discover a few new locations, and see parts of Cambridge I have not seen before. There are so many secret little places hidden away from public view.
Annabel Bolton. Making use of the staircase to shoot from above to get a different perspective.
Annabel Bolton. Last outfit for the evening, shot at Castle Hill Car Park, for an urban concrete look.


Many thanks to Annabel and Flora for a fun photoshoot!

If you want to see more of Annabel, check our her fashion blog The Cat, the Kitsch and the Wardrobe. You can also find our previous posts by clicking her name.

— Johannes

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