Castle around the corner

There is a beautiful old manor not far from where I live. Last week I met up with Felicia, Filippa and Ida for a photoshoot there. We started in the garden behind the manor, then as golden hour started we moved to the water by the front.

Näsby slott in Näsbypark as seen from the garden.
Felicia Andersson. There is an old fountain in the centre of the garden. I have never seen it filled with water, but maybe one day it will be.
Näsby slott as it looked back in the 1600s, copper etching by Erik Dahlberg.
Ida. We found this spot at the back of the gardens, where the trees provided shade behind Ida making her stand out in the picture.
Filippa. Arabesque by the arch.
Filippa, Feicia and Ida. For the last bit of the shoot we headed down to the jetty.
Felicia doing a bit of improv.
Ida and Filippa
Filippa. Shooting against the sun. Blinding, but you get beautiful light.
Ida and Filippa
Ida, Sofia, Jakob, Felicia and Filippa
Felicia and Filippa

Many thanks to Felicia, Filippa and Ida for a fun photoshoot!

Instagram: Felicia, Filippa, Ida, Johannes

— Johannes

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