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I met up with Hermine Lilja and her sister Hilda in Stockholm before they were heading off on their vacation to Italy for a few weeks. This was my second photoshoot with Hermine, and this time we decided to head out to Tranebergsbron since it has a nice urban concrete feel to it, and the light is usually pretty good there. I brought a minimal amount of gear with me, just my trusted Nikon camera and a 35 mm lens, plus a reflector.

Hermine Lilja by one of the concrete pillars. We started at nine o’clock in the morning, and by that time the sun had not yet reached the underside of the bridge.
Hermine Lilja. The concrete walls give a nice clean look.
Hermine Lilja on pointe.
The sun is starting to hit the pillars. I like dramatic shots with lots of shadow which you get by shooting against the sun. Here I consciously avoided having the sun in the photo to avoid lens flares.
Modern lenses are pretty good at avoiding lens flares, but in this particular photo I had to edit out two small green-blue lens flares.
As the sun moved across the sky we started to get some nice diagonal shadows that I have been playing around with lately.
Hermine Lilja stepping into the sun. Here we wanted to match the angle of the shadow with her leg.
Hermine Lilja stretching. Again we tried to match the angle with the shadow, this time for the arm.
A bit further down the bridge there was a playground with swings and concrete obstacles. Hermine in the for ground with her sister Hilda on the swings in the background.
Another of my favourite shadow photos with Hermine Lilja this time doing an arabesque.
Hermine Lilja. The same pose as in one of the earlier photos, but this time with a cleaner background.
We wandered around a bit to see what else Tranebergsbron had to offer.
There was some fresh red grafitti which added a bit of colour.
Hilda puppeteering Hermine.
A simple portrait of Hermine
Hermine and Hilda Lilja
One last photo with a hair flick before we called it a day.

Many thanks to Hermine and Hilda for a fun morning dance photoshoot!

To see more dance photos, check the dance category on the blog.

— Johannes

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