Certain Young Men

Even though you have spent years in Cambridge there is always one more place to see. This time one of the new places I visited was some King’s accommodations near the University Library. The building was great with a staircase that had lots of light, and the garden outside also had a lot of great photo spots.

I met up with the cast for Certain Young Men. The play is written by Peter Gill, and directed by Sophie Leydon. We have tried to capture the relationship between the characters in the play in the photos below.

Italic text below is taken from Camdram.

‘What are two grown men doing together, faking all the stupidities of a straight relationship?’ 

Certain Young Men is a sensitive, inventive look at contemporary queer relationships, and the ways in which they are represented, performed and perceived through the eyes of mainstream discourse. This production adopts a queer perspective, and employs gender bending to further the already philosophical, hilarious and performative poignancy of Peter Gill’s writing. 

Posey Mehta and Mollie Semple.

Meet Michael and Stewart, a young couple in their 20s, as their scenes transport them through a whole kaleidoscope of moments of their relationship, possible or imagined, and both audience and character struggle to understand what’s really happening.

Comrie Saville-Ferguson and Henry Phillips.

Meet Terry, a young working-class rent boy, searching for meaning and happiness among the other characters as he encounters them, and grows closer to Robert, a moody young man indeed.

Rachel Kitts, Assistant Director, assistant director
Jake Kroeger and Joe Pieri.

Meet David and Christopher, an older middle-class couple, playing at doing jobs that each considers in some way below his education level. Can Christopher, a divorcee with a child, move past his love for his ex-wife, or will David be unable to accept him?

Posey Mehta and Mollie Semple. It was a really sunny day in Cambridge, so the water sprinkler naturally became part of the photoshoot.
Mollie Semple and Posey Mehta
Mollie Semple and Posey Mehta
Posey Mehta and Mollie Semple
Jake Kroeger and Jo Heywood
Jo Heywood and Jake Kroeger
Jo Heywood and Jake Kroeger
Henry Phillips
Francesca Bertoletti
Francesca Bertoletti and Jo Heywood.

Meet Andrew, Tony and their dog Judy. On the verge of collapse, their relationship teeters and falls on the verge of domestic violence, sensitively explored and heartbreakingly rendered.


Certain Young Men are heading to the Edinburgh Fringe 21-26 August 2017.

Michael – Posey Mehta
Stewart – Mollie Semple
David – Joe Pieri
Christopher – Jake Kroeger
Andrew – Francesca Bertoletti
Terry – Comrie Saville-Ferguson
Robert – Henry Phillips
Tony – Jo Heywood

Production Team
Director – Sophie Leydon
Movement Director – Jonathan Ben-Shaul
Publicity Designer – Kaye Song
Associate Producer – Gaia Fay Lambert
Associate Director – Isaac Jordan
Assistant Director – Rachel Kitts
Co-Producer, Stage Manager – Rebecca Guthrie, Gabriel Humphreys
Technician – Leah Ward
Costume Designer – Martha Cook
Set Designer – Elara Shurety
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth

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