Christmas in Småland

This year I celebrated Christmas in Småland together with my brother Jonathan and his family. The region they live in is usually colder than Stockholm, and we had plenty of snow. Snow and mulled wine (Glögg in Swedish), is a great way to start any Christmas celebration.

Little sister having fun in the kitchen.
Middle sister and one of her friends playing in the garden.
Sandra’s brother Markus.
Little daughter and Jonathan.
Sandra and Jonathan dancing in the kitchen.
Middle sister
Capturing the Christmas food.
Father and daughter playing together.
Little sister standing next to a table lamp.
Santa Claus and Gangsta-Santa.
“Jag såg mamma kyssa tomten…”
My brother Jonathan.
Photo of me taken by my niece.
Jonathan and Johannes, photo by little niece.
Little sister has some nice dance moves.
Jonathan does too!
Middle sister and Sandra.
Grandma used to balance books on her head, so middle sister tries it out.
Spiderman movie visit with the family, with the eldest and youngest hiding behind the camera.

Many thanks for a great Christmas holiday!

— Johannes

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