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This morning I met up with Isabelle Ragnarsson at Östermalm’s IP for a figure skating photoshoot. Normally I would bring my regular 50 mm lens, and get close to the action, but this time I decided to instead bring the 200 mm lens, and see what I could do from a distance. My thought was that the background at the ice rink might be a bit distracting, so I would try and blur it out by shooting the tele lens wide open.

Isabelle Ragnarsson. Here we were testing out what distance we should have to the lens, and which angle we should shoot in to get the least distracting background.
Isabelle Ragnarsson. Princess in pink.
Isabelle Ragnarsson. The fast shutter froze her pose, and the snow in the air.
Isabelle Ragnarsson. As the day went on more and more people showed up on the ice.

We took a break to warm up, look through what we had got so far, and get some new inspiration for the next half. I had the idea that if we shot from a higher vantage point, we might be able to just have ice and snow in the background.

Isabelle Ragnarsson.
Isabelle Ragnarsson.
Isabelle Ragnarsson.
Isabelle Ragnarsson.

Many thanks to Isabelle for a fun morning photshoot.

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