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This past Sunday Signe Åman, Moa Nilsson and Tilda Stejdahl from Fryshuset danscenter came out to Näsbypark for a dance photoshoot in my Green Room. This photoshoot was an amalgamation of different styles, we were mixing street dancing with Audrey Hepburn-ish style, and even threw in some metal and gold flakes at the end.

Moa Nilsson working with oversized street clothes.

Moa Nilsson, 21 years old. Born in Dalsland, but living in Stockholm. I am currently studying at danscenter fryshusets yrkesutbildning to become a professional dancer. I have fallen in love with the hiphop-culture and its rawness. I chose the oversized-outfit because I feel the most like myself in that, and it helps me add some interesting heaviness to the picture and my dance. Baggy clothes is also something I haven’t seen as much of in dance-pictures, which I think deserves some more space

Signe Åman wearing her own styled trousers.
Signe Åman. Here you can see that Signe created the extra wide trousers from two different trousers.
Moa Nilsson experimenting on the chair.
Tilda Stejdahl
Signe Åman. For a short while the sun peaked through the clouds, and we got a little rectangle of light on the wall to play with.

I am Signe Åman, 21 years old originally from Skellefteå, Västerbotten, but now located in Stockholm where I study to become a professional dancer at Danccenter, Fryshuset. I’m a jazz and modern dancer at heart but I’ve become more and more into commercial/street styles during my education.

In some of the pictures you can see a white “bolero” style shirt that I crocheted this spring. There is also a couple pictures of me in a pair of super wide jeans which was two pairs of my fathers old jeans that I’ve recycled and combined.

Signe Åman channeling her inner Audrey Hepburn.

Tilda Stejdahl, 21 years old. Born in Mariannelund, Småland but now living in Stockholm. I started dancing when I was 4 years old and I’m still passionate about it. I’m a jazz dancer at heart but feel that I have grown into modern and hip hop in recent years. I am now studying at danscenter, fryshusets yrkesutbildning to become a professional dancer.

Tilda Stejdahl
Signe Åman
Signe Åman
Signe Åman with a little help from Moa, can you see her? Moa is actually behind with her arms in the arms of the white sweater.
Moa Nilsson

We experimented with a few different group photos on the chair.

Tilda, Moa and Signe
Signe och Moa
Signe, Tilda and Moa

Then ended the day with some metal flakes and gold powder.

Signe Åman
Tilda, Moa and Signe

Behind the scenes video:

Many thanks to Signe, Moa and Tilda for a fun photoshoot!

Instagram: Signe, Moa, Tilda, Johannes

— Johannes

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