Come Back to Bed

We met up before lunch on the first Saturday to do a photoshoot for “Come back to Bed” written and directed by Isla Cowan. Josh McClure had kindly let us use his room for the day.

Clara and Ben are ‘casually sleeping together’, caught up in a turbulent and destructive relationship, apparently devoid of love. Clara is distracted and distant. Ben is desperate to open her up and develop a closeness between them.

As the barriers between Clara and Ben break down, physical violence and violent love destine the couple for mutual destruction. Set on one rainy afternoon, the intimate bedroom exchange focuses on their unhealthy, habitual pattern and inability to communicate. But, their apparently meaningless and mundane conversation actually delves down into the core, and deeply affects each of them. Here, loneliness takes the form of love.

This play is a one-room drama that combines physical theatre with intense naturalism to portray the familiar struggle of Clara and Ben. With the stage and script both stripped bare: ‘Come Back to Bed’ is a performance of raw emotion and physicality, as two people are pushed to their limits.

(Text from Camdram)

Jessica Murdoch

‘I don’t think time heals, really. You just get used to the pain, like when you cut yourself – if the bleeding is constant, you stop noticing it. It stops throbbing.’

Jessica Murdoch and Christian Hines

‘Sex in the afternoon is always sad. Something about the daylight, I think.’

Christian Hines and Jessica Murdoch
Christian Hines and Jessica Murdoch
Christian Hines and Jessica Murdoch
Jessica Murdoch

‘Some things take a while to fade.’
‘Like tea stains?’
‘And memories.’
‘And the dazzle of bright lights after you close your eyes.’
‘Yeah, like that.’

Jessica Murdoch and Christian Hines
Jessica Murdoch and Christian Hines

‘Nowhere to go, nothing to do. Just. This.’

Christian Hines and Jessica Murdoch
Christian Hines and Jessica Murdoch

Reviews: Varsity (4.5/5), TCS (7/10)

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Clara – Jessica Murdoch
Ben – Christian Hines

Production Team
Writer / Director – Isla Cowan
Movement Director – Jonathan Ben-Shaul
Producer – Isla Cowan
Assistant Producer / Associate Director – Josh McClure
Photography – Benedict Flett
Publicity Designer – Hannah Taylor
Photography – Johannes Hjorth

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