I met up with the cast of CRAVE which is headed for Edinburgh in August. We did an evening photoshoot on Jesus Green for their show. It is not the happiest of plays, as this excerpt from Camdram shows:

Sat together by chance, four unnamed strangers unearth their darkest moments. In this post-truth world, Kane’s brutal and unadulterated tragedy is defiantly honest. One of Sarah Kane’s final works, CRAVE returns to the festival where it premiered in 1998

We have tried to weave a bit of the story into the photos, and I am experimenting with including more motion in the photos. The editing is intentionally grungy, and I have used a couple of Photoshop textures to enhance the noise in a controlled manner.

Ellie Gaunt sitting alone on Jesus Green surrounded by people in the background having a good time.
Ellie Gaunt
Joe Tyler Todd and Ellie Gaunt. Here we did a few takes where Ellie walked past Joe so I could capture her mid stride.
Joe Tyler Todd. Smoking is bad for you, but it almost always enhances a photo.
Ellie Gaunt with Joe Tyler Todd passing by in the background. In the colour version you can see his cigarette light up.
Ellie Gaunt and Joe Tyler Todd together alone.
Ellie Gaunt
Joe Tyler Todd and Ellie Gaunt. I have a series of these photos, and depending on the timing we got very different feeling to the photography.
Ellie Gaunt sitting on the sluice gate.
Ellie Gaunt
Ellie Gaunt. Again, we are trying to tell a story with the photos, to make the viewer think and feel.
Ellie Gaunt and Joe Tyler Todd. A bit more playful.

You can see a sharp fall-off in image quality after the sun set as the amount of light decreased. We had not planned to be out this late, but the last members of the cast were delayed. We improvised using street lights and mobile phones to light the scenes.

Ellie Gaunt and Joe Tyler Todd, again together alone.
Joe Tyler Todd and Ellie Gaunt. Our take on this classic composition.
A glance back when passing by on the street.
Ellie Gaunt
Ellie Gaunt
Ellie Gaunt and Joe Tyler Todd. Here we were working with a longer shutter time to capture Ellie’s reaction.
A bit more experimental. The long shutter time meant I could not keep the camera steady as you can see by the trails of light. You can still see the outlines of their faces, which is what makes this photo work for me.

Two of the actors had been at another rehearsal during the evening, but were able to join for the last part of the photoshoot.

Will Gould and Ellie Gaunt.
Joe Tyler Todd and Inge-Vera Lipsius
Joe Tyler Todd and Inge-Vera Lipsius
Inge-Vera Lipsius
Will Gould and Ellie Gaunt
Will Gould, Ellie Gaunt, Joe Tyler Todd and Inge-Vera Lipsius
Will Gould, Ellie Gaunt, Joe Tyler Todd and Inge-Vera Lipsius

You can catch their play at the Edinburgh Fringe 14-26 August 2017.

For more photos of Edinburgh shows, see the Edinburgh Fringe tag.

A – Will Gould
B – Joe Tyler Todd
C – Ellie Gaunt
M – Inge-Vera Lipsius

Production Team
Director – Myles O’Gorman
Producer – Gaia Fay Lambert
Lighting & Sound Designer – Laura Wells
Publicity Designer – Alex Strouts
Assistant Producer and Stage Manager – Mariella Brown
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth

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