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This past Saturday I headed out to Tranebergsbron to meet up with Vania Kadir, Lovisa Lindberg, Otto Russel, Abby Alyousofi, Sanna Borg and Harmonia Ndayishimiye for a dance photoshoot. We had originally talked about photographing in Gamla Stan, but the weather forecast said high probability of rain, so we changed location. I have not taken the underground since March, but it was time to venture out a bit further.

Harmonia Ndayishimiye has some amazing rasta braids. The nice thing with this location is that pretty much regardless of the weather it will have good light.
Otto Russel
Abby Alyousofi
Abby Alyousofi

I started photographing the dancers one at a time, but since they were more of them than usual it meant quite a bit of waiting time. So I asked Vania and Otto to come up with some poses together, and soon everyone was busy preparing poses in groups instead of just waiting.

Otto Russel and Vania Kadir
Harmonia Ndayishimiye and Abby Alyousofi
Harmonia Ndayishimiye and Abby Alyousofi
Lovisa Lindberg and Sanna Borg
Sanna Borg and Lovisa Lindberg
Vania Kadir

Some of the poses started to get quite acrobatic…

Harmonia Ndayishimiye, Otto Russel and Abby Alyousofi
Abby, Otto and Monia

We kept adding more and more people in the pictures. The aim was to have some pictures with all of them, but coming up with good groups poses is more difficult than it might first appear.

Abby Alyousofi, Vania Kadir, Harmonia Ndayishimiye and Otto Russel
Lovisa, Otto, Abby, Harmonia, Vania and Sanna

Time flies when photographing, and some of the dancers had to leave for work, but a few of us lingered a bit longer. In total we spent a bit over five hours under the bridge.

Lovisa Lindberg
Vania Kadir
Vania Kadir
Sanna Borg
Vania Kadir

Many thanks to Vania, Lovisa, Otto, Abby, Sanna and Harmonia for a fun dance photoshoot!

Instagram: Vania, Lovisa, Otto, Abby, Sanna, Harmonia, Johannes

— Johannes

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