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Last Sunday morning I met up with Inka Keränen and Lea Sjövall for a dance photoshoot. Inka studies at the Royal Swedish Ballet School, and Lea is now working as an apprentice with the Hamburg Ballet. I had brought with me a reflector in case the sun came out, and my 85mm tilt-shift lens. The plan was to start at Raoul Wallenbergs torg, and then head into Gamla Stan.

Inka Keränen. When photographing on the streets there are many variables to take into account, the pose, how the clothes move, what people pass by in the background.
Inka Keränen. When I started to photograph I used to want every shot to be in focus, and if they were not sharp I would cull them in the first pass. But that has changed, and now I am experimenting with selective focus. Sometimes on purpose, and sometimes by accident.
Inka Keränen. Her blue outfit matched beautifully with the sky.

The first set of photos were shot at Raoul Wallenberg torg and from there we headed into Gamla Stan. It was still relatively early in the morning, so there were not that many people out and about.

Lea Sjövall in Gamla Stan.
Inka Keränen making shapes.
Inka Keränen. I have experimented a lot with the greyscale tonality in the editing of the photos from the last few photoshoots. The aim is to create more of a three dimensional feeling and guide the eye to the parts I want the viewer to focus on.
Inka Keränen
Inka Keränen and Lea Sjövall
Inka Keränen and Lea Sjövall
Inka Keränen. We found this beautiful little spot. Brända tomten at Själgårdsgatan.
Lea Sjövall. Compare the difference in light with the previous photo when the sun came out of the clouds.

We then took a lunch break to get some energy before the last part of our photoshoot.

Lea Sjövall
Inka Keränen. This big sweater is a favourite, and you can see it featuring in our earlier photoshoots also.
Inka Keränen
Inka Keränen.
Lea Sjövall and Inka Keränen

Many thanks to Inka and Lea for a fun photoshoot!

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— Johannes

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