Dancing in the Dark

During the PdOC Churchill dinner I got talking to Heïdi Serra and Christian Steinruecken and we decided to squeeze in a photoshoot on Sunday evening. We did a few photos outside King’s College, and then went inside. Unfortunately Christian had to leave half way through, but we managed to get some nice dance photos first.

King’s College Chapel. It would have been sweet to do a dance photoshoot on top of it, but there was a service going on in the chapel so we were not allowed up there.
Heïdi Serra and Christian Steinruecken dancing behind the chapel.
I do not like plain room lighting, it usually gives ugly shadows. The room we had booked had some street lamps outside, so we decided to try to incorporate the shadow pattern from them into the photo.
I like capturing dancers in motion, especially when they have got a nice technique.
We only had three small spotlights in the roof to play with for lighting, which made it quite tricky.
To avoid shadows under the eyes Heïdi had to angle her face upwards.
After a while we decided to try some photos with the flash. Here it was resting on the chair on the left-hand side of the photo.
I was doing another photoshoot after so needed to conserve my batteries, therefore we switched back to the spotlights again.
“Ghost leaving the body.”

Many thanks to Heïdi and Christian for a fun photoshoot. I wish we had started a little bit earlier so the light would have been better, but maybe we will be able to do it again, this time a bit higher up…

— Johannes

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