Dancing in the Streets

The morning before I was flying back to Stockholm I met up with Daphne Chia for a photoshoot in Cambridge. We started on Jesus Green and then headed towards the city centre. Daphne is both a talented dancer and acrobat, and she had brought with her a ribbon that she could paint the sky with.

The grass was damp on Jesus Green, so we decided to move into town so the ribbon would not get wet. Here I liked how she managed to frame St John’s Chapel in the background.
The Round Church, built around 1130. Here we did a few photos by the gate.
There are some painted roundabouts on Bridge Street outside St John’s College. When photographing in the city it is sometimes tricky to put the focus on the dancer, as there are so many details everywhere that the camera picks up. This roundabout had a large empty space that provided a nice stage.
Shooting at the roundabout from the other side. Here the background is more cluttered, so I preferred it with the tree in the background.
Walking along Trinity Street.
Time to bring out the ribbon again. Here Daphne is standing in the sunlight, while the background behind her is in shadows. Also we managed to capture King’s College framed by the ribbon.
Another way to create a clear background is to have your dancer stand higher up than you so she has the sky behind her. Here there is a natural space in between the Chapel and the Porter’s Lodge.
Finally one of my favourite photos of Daphne Chia. It is inspired by a photo I did with Joanna Vymeris almost two years ago.
The last photo of the morning.

It was great fun, we walked around for about two hours. Many thanks to Daphne for a great morning photographing!

If you want to see more dance photos, have a look at the dance category on the blog.

— Johannes

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