Dancing with a Stranger

Theodore Girvan and Peri Gulen came up from London to Cambridge to do a ballet photoshoot with me on the Sunday. We started outside St Mary’s Church at 9:00, and it was really cold. After a few shots with King’s College Chapel in the background we moved to the little lane outside Corpus Playroom. There was a group of thespians waiting outside to start their Sunday morning get-in, and when the keys finally arrived, they were kind enough to let us in and warm ourselves. Later in the evening I returned and took some photos of their rehearsal, which you can see here.

Peri Gulen outside Corpus Playroom.
Peri Gulen inside Corpus Playroom. We did a few photos while the thespians were getting some stuff from the ADC Theatre. Unfortunately we only had house lights, but at least it was warm!
Theodore Girvan
Peri Gulen

The thespians returned to prepare for their play, so we gathered our things and headed back out into the morning, which was now a bit warmer. There is a really nice little dodgy alley right next to King’s College that has amazing light, which was our next location.

Peri Gulen
Theo and Peri

For the next part of the morning photoshoot we headed to St John’s College, were we joined up with Daphne Chia and her friend Chris Ho from an unnamed other university.

Chris Ho and Daphne
Daphne Chia
Theodore Girvan and Peri Gulen
Peri Gulen
Theodore Girvan
Daphne Chia and Chris Ho
Daphne Chia and Chris Ho
Daphne Chia and Chris Ho
Chris Ho and Daphne Chia
Chris and Daphne Chia
The morning crew. Theodore, Peri, Daphne and Chris

After photographing behind King’s College Daphne and Chris needed to head off, so we took a break from the dance photography so that Theo and Peri could warm up a bit. In the meantime I did some theatre photography with the cast of Revlon Girl. Stay tuned for the next part of the dance photoshoot with Theo and Peri.

A big thank you to Theo, Peri, Daphne and Chris for a fun morning photoshoot!

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