Dawn of Autumn

Nora Ekman and I met up at KrÄkudden on Sunday morning at 6:30 to do a sunrise photoshoot. It is a bit strange heading out when it is almost completely dark, but already half an hour or maybe a bit more before sunrise you start getting beautiful colours.

Nora Ekman. Blue pre-dawn light at KrÄkudden.
Nora Ekman
Nora Ekman’s trademark needle pose.
Nora Ekman
Nora Ekman. Sunrise finally arrives and it gets a bit warmer.
Nora Ekman. Photographing from a low angle to get Nora against the clean sky.
Nora Ekman
Nora Ekman
Nora Ekman

Many thanks to Nora for a fun photoshoot!

Instagram: Nora, Johannes

— Johannes

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