Defying Gravity

Yesterday I met up with Lenita Larsson, Alexandra Mellin and Filippa under Tranebergsbron to do another pole dance photoshoot. We met up at 16:00 and proceeded to assemble the pole in the light, but by the time we finished the sun had moved giving us only a few minutes before we were in shade. Shade means softer shadows, but you have to be careful so you do not get too bright a background. You want the focus to be on the dancer. Below are my favourite photos from our photoshoot.

Silhouette photo of Alexandra Mellin pole dancing
Alexandra Mellin. We did a few shots in sunlight, but my favourite is this one silhouetted against the sky. The hair shake was a nice touch.
Alexandra Mellin in Allegra pole dancing pose
Alexandra Mellin in an “Allegra” pose. Here we wanted to capture a bit more of the bridge, while making sure that Alexandra was silhouetted against a plain piece of concrete so we could see her lines well.
Lenita Larsson on a pole
Lenita Larsson. Here again we are placing her on a relatively simple piece of the bridge, so there are no distracting elements.
Alexandra Mellin in a Jade Split on a pole dancing pole
Alexandra Mellin doing a Jade Split. The concrete walls of the pillars make for a great background.
Silhouette photo of Alexandra Mellin doing a scorpio
Alexandra Mellin doing a Scorpio silhouetted against the sky.
Filippa pole dancing pose
Filippa hanging upside down. This pose probably has a more elegant name. Update: Just learned it is called “Cross Ankle Release”.
Filippa doing a superman pole dancing pose
Filippa doing a Superman.
Alexandra Mellin pole dancing at Tranebergsbron
Alexandra Mellin. I would call this move “Painting toenails”.
Alexandra Mellin pole dancing at Tranebergsbron, upside down.
Alexandra Mellin
Alexandra Mellin pole dancing in beautiful blue dress
Alexandra Mellin had brought a beautiful blue dress with her. I love the way cloth lets us capture motion.
Alexandra Mellin on a pole dancing pole
Alexandra Mellin
Lenita Larsson pole dancing, upside down
Lenita Larsson
Lenita Larsson on a pole
Lenita Larsson
Filippa doing a gemini pose
Filippa doing Gemini
Filippa hanging upside down
Filippa in a handspring pose on the pole
Filippa in a Handspring
Alexandra Mellin tranquil on a pole
Alexandra Mellin meditating? This one is called “Handspring variation”
Alexandra Mellin in a handspring pose
Alexandra Mellin doing a handspring on the pole
Portrait of Lenita Larsson and Alexandra Mellin
Lenita Larsson and Alexandra Mellin
Portrait of Lenita Larsson
Lenita Larsson
Portrait of Alexandra Mellin
Alexandra Mellin
Happy portrait of Lenita Larsson and Alexandra Mellin
Lenita Larsson and Alexandra Mellin

We were out under the bridge for about 3.5 hours. As the sun was setting it was time to pack up and head home. It was lots of fun, a big thank you to Lenita, Alexandra and Filippa for a great photo shoot!

You can find more pole dance photos here.

— Johannes

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